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Our lives are full of items to do. Sometimes they seem mundane — groceries, dry-cleaning, post-office, oil change, changing out the furnace filter, stocking up on toilet paper…. Sometimes our daily chores can become an unexpressed burden. We just do those silly chores. Be aware.

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He or she can be much more sympathetic if they understand why you feel so tired, so burdened, so overwhelmed at the end of the day. And so can you. They were a special couple who appreciated each other very much. Yet this point still has relevance regardless how much they appreciated each other. Why did she notice?

Because now she needed to do it herself. Take the time — now — to really see what your spouse does for you and your family.

Share schedules. Maybe you could do a few of those tasks that are making your spouse overwhelmed?

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Family qualities. They show up in your spouse. Not one family on this planet are perfect.

Not even yours! Some of those unique qualities probably many things about your spouse appealed to you when you were dating and decided to marry.

Time for a Marriage Tune Up? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Spouse

No family on this planet is perfect. Yeah — not even yours! Remember that. Focus on the positive and try to mitigate the negative. But in all things, try to honor the positive parts of how your spouse was raised. Included in these questions are details to demonstrate how they grew up. Some couples are very similar in the way they were raised and others are quite different. Using this map, and the corresponding exercises we can delve deeper in the family qualities that may hurt or help a couple in their own marriage relationship.

Rob and I talk often about the qualities in our respective families that have made us part of who we are. My parents were quite serious. Our adult children see this in Rob and value it also — it speaks to who they are as adults also. Read the other posts HERE. Laugh together.

Pray as the psalmist said:. Test me, and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. And then pray for your spouse. Pray that that God will open his or her eyes to see the need to partner with you in this marital tuning up process. Do a marriage tune up. Today can be a new beginning for your marital relationship!

If you are not a subscriber to the Marriage Insights, which are emailed out weekly and you would like to receive them directly, please click onto the following:. Tagged: ask questions , fighting for marriage , marriage intentionality , repairing relationship , student of marriage. Filed under: Marriage Insights. Thank you for your website. My wife and I have worked together for 36 years and have been faithfully married for 28 years. We are at a crossroads in our personal and marital relationship. I am 68 years old. My wife is Both of us have had to work since we were teenagers.

We had built a very successful business and are financially secure. Now the tough part. After leaving practice for three years following a motor vehicle accident that required three surgeries, I have returned to active practice treating patients with pain management issues. My wife was very supportive in my decision a year ago. As we began to live separate lives, problems began which escalated into issues and then changed into arguments and ended up with my leaving our home one week ago.

We have continued to speak to each other on the phone and in e-mails cordially and with respect. After six days apart, we had dinner yesterday. We sat together for over three hours. We had previously agreed that we would not discuss any issues that we both considered extremely serious.

Our concentration and discussion was on all of the things that were good and enhancing to our marriage of 28 years.

How Many Miles Since Your Last Marriage Tune Up

We expressed our love and admiration for each other, and a desire to work towards a mutual solution to restore our relationship that has existed for 36 years. Acknowledging the need for some unbiased professional counseling, we agreed that our position is not when or if we can restore our relationship and marriage, but rather what should we do as we are restoring our relationship together. Yesterday, my wife asked me to research this type of a solution for us. When I speak to her today, I will be asking her to come to this site with me at the same time.

Are there specific suggestions that you can offer to us? Thank you for any assistance that you can offer.

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When a couple is determined to find a solution, they will. Intentionality and determination is a huge part of what it takes to make things good again, perhaps better than ever. That which caused this break in your marriage is different from what causes breaks in other marriages. I have a few suggestions though, that might help. To make memories. To experience something you'll refer back to for years as a landmark weekend in your marriage.

How To Tune-Up Your Marriage For Life By Errol A. Bennett

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