Guide To the End of the Trail

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In the end, players compare cards for their poker sets in an effort to win a little more gold and a fourth and final claim.

End of the Trail

Applies to backers anywhere in the world. If you would like to add more than one additional copy, please message us! Its important to us as a company to think globally.

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Backers who would like to add more copies of the game to their pledge to help save even further on shipping costs should message us for those rates. Find us online! This is our first published game and we will undoubtedly still have a lot to learn. There could be things that set us back. But we have done our homework. We have some decisions to make together as a community about End of the Trail, but our graphic designer and team are ready to turn ideas into reality and get our files prepped and ready for printing when the campaign ends.

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March 26, 1839: End of The Trail of Tears

Check out the FAQ. Looks new. This sculpture features a man and his horse. Weight : 7 LBS. Hand Made E. Excellent condition. And is signed Fraser. Here is a miniature metal statue on a green marble base by James E. Bronze outer shell. Although the left foot is broken off, it still is a very nice display piece.

End of the Trail Lewis and Clark Commemorative Statue (U.S. National Park Service)

It is often confused for a Frederic Remington bronze. The spear is missing and the felt underneath is worn, otherwise in very good condition. This is a beautifully detailed statue that is in nice condition. In , the year of the In , the year of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the year old Fraser, then a student of the Art Institute, produced the first version of this bronze sculpture.

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