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But knowing which books to start with can be overwhelming.

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Pick a few, or read them all, and take a giant step toward making your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Do you need co-founders? When should you hire your first employee? Should you have investors? Learn how female business leaders embraced creativity, moved past their toughest days, and sparked a global movement. Need motivation to get through the sleepless nights and lonely days of starting your own business?

Reach for this book. Inspiring art and stories that should be propped up on display for all to read.

What I didn't realize is that I was looking for this book. Have you been daydreaming about quitting your job to start a business? Guillebeau outlines a roadmap for turning that dream into reality, starting with a viable side hustle.

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Ries argues every company has a common mission: To chart a successful path to sustainable business. It provides great insights into how to create innovative space within an organization while staying accountable to stakeholders. Learn how business giant Grant Cardone clawed his way from broke, jobless, and drug-addicted to millionaire entrepreneur.

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Discover how to set and meet crazy goals each day, spend money on the right things, and use your detractors as fuel for your success. This book is real and raw. It will offend you and excite you, call you out, and open your eyes. Discover four principles for simplifying accounting and making it easier to manage a profitable business. Michalowicz touts the virtues of small-but-profitable businesses and their likelihood of achieving long-term growth.

Heck, this book will help you even if you use it for your personal finances. Incorporate passive income streams into your livelihood, and break free of traditional work models while continuing to earn a healthy living.

Learn how salesforce. From surviving the dotcom implosion to becoming a standout entrepreneur -- Benioff shares his secrets to success in this bestselling book.

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An entrepreneur's journey from idea inception to implementation. This book is full of practical suggestions your business plan will benefit from today. Peabody became a multi-millionaire at Should you monetize who you are and what you know? This book will help you discover what you already have to offer, who your audience should be, and how to accelerate your success.

Ever felt paralyzed by all the information available on starting your own business? Extremely informative and very well written. Cut through the myths surrounding starting your own business. Gerber walks his readers through the steps of entrepreneurial infancy, through growing pains, and, finally, to becoming a mature, long-lasting business. These do not only apply for starting a business but also in improving life in general. Slim shares everything you need to consider before making the decision to become self-employed.

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Explore the nuts-and-bolts of starting your own business and the surprisingly emotional decision to leave your traditional corporate job. Innovation grants and support. Funding and support for tourism. Small business grants schedule. Business Growth Fund Program.

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Small Business Digital Grants Program. Small Business Disaster Recovery Grants.

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Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program. Social Enterprise Grants Program. Advance Queensland innovation initiative. Growing Queensland's Food Exports Program grants. Back to Work program. Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund. Last reviewed: 29 Jul Last updated: 29 Jul Bushfire preparation checklist Queensland flood relief Queensland bushfire relief. I want to Access OSRconnect Find business licences and permits Find a scientific research organisation Use our payroll tax calculators Use our transfer duty calculator Find business grants and assistance.

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