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Much about her remains uncertain even now. There is no birth certificate but she was born in a shack, probably in Her Baltimore family considered themselves classy and she went to a smart school, then lost no time in marrying the naval officer son of a Chicago stockbroker. He was an alcoholic but Wallis stood it for eight years.

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There were no children. We don't know why. James Pope-Hennessy said she was very odd-looking, flat and angular like a playing card. Sebba advances the theory that Wallis was a pseudo-hermaphrodite and takes up the suggestion of Michael Bloch that she suffered from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, genetically male with a female body.

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In the absence of any evidence for this the effect on the reader is surreal. By the time her divorce came through in Wallis had moved to London and established herself on the cocktail circuit.

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She married a second time, to Ernest Simpson when his divorce came through. He was of American-Jewish background but had become a British citizen, "a dull but worthy shipbroker". They set themselves up in a flat north of Oxford Street and Wallis became a minor society hostess. He met the Simpsons at a house party in and was soon besotted. He hosted Wallis's 37th birthday party at Quaglino's. The story is well-known. The book guides the reader through the twists and turmoils of the romance of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, dramatically climaxing with the Abdication in Afterwards, the book sort of rambles aimlessly through the life of the Duchess, just as the the Duchess's life rambled until it's end in I find the speculation on variations of sexual dysfunctions a waste of time.

We won't ever know so why bother. She and the King each had a terrible dilemma. I don't think it would be such a problem today. Wallis Warfield better known as the Duchess of Windsor hailed from Baltimore, my home town. It isn't. Perhaps Wallis just thought she'd have a fling with the soon to be King of England and that would be it, but he had other ideas. Long before he became King Edward, he talked of abdicating, according to this book. It seems like he used Wallis as an excuse to abdicate.

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What seems puzzling is that for the rest of his life he tried to have the Her Royal Highness title given back to her. It had never been hers in the first place, but it made not a bit of difference to him. I felt sorry for these two people. He seemed to be totally infantile in his behavior, and she was portrayed as caught in a trap never wanting to be the most hated woman in the world.

Whether all that was written is totally true is up for conjecture. A commoner, twice divorced, she was married to husband number two when she and her husband became part of the inner circle of those in the bright sunshine of the playboy who was known for his prowess with women, and his love of traveling. Truly, Edward David was a boy. In this book the author notes the possibility of autisium. Lacking the rudimentary knowledge of what it took to run a country, still Edward was popular in the short time between when his father died and he ascended to the throne and then gave it to his brother Bertie.

He lacked the ability to concentrate and follow through with a task. His intelligence was questioned, as well as his maturity. He had torrid relationships with other married women, including when he first met Wallis. Whether there was love or obsession with Wallis is up for speculation. He was indeed obsessed, and like a little boy, he wanted what he couldn't have. Until, he placed her in a position where her husband no longer loved her and moved on to marry Wallis' "best" friend.

Then, save for a life with The Duke of Windsor, she had nothing. It is a fascinating story. But, in the end, I felt sorry for everyone involved. While they married and lived in France, they had a small group of friends. But, mainly, they were hermit like. In the end, she died the way she feared she would, ie all alone. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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