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Workshops on ballet technique and repertoire have been added recently. This is perhaps the single most important ingredient in their recipe for success. Both women are proud of being able to offer such a wealth of knowledge and the students are very appreciative.

These classical dancers prove that it is never too late to dance

It is a Thursday evening when I visit the 2ballerina studios and two classes are underway. The first one is the third of a week block of classes for students who have never done ballet before. The class of 26 men and women are completing their plie exercises at the barre. The concentration is all encompassing yet in between each exercise there is happy banter and encouragement between the dancers. Their teacher, Susan Barnes, is measured and encouraging and you cannot help but feel inspired by their conviction and effort.

It is a very positive environment which is welcoming to newcomers. The second class is a Level 3 class, taught by ex-Queensland Ballet dancer Vanessa Mafe, for students who have had some experience. The music is beautiful and the atmosphere is uplifting.

As this class finishes, the students for the following class arrive and the buzz and excitement is palpable. They come from all works of life — there are brokers, doctors, real estate agents, university professors, teachers — even a brain surgeon. Not that any of that matters here.

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The class is an escape from the real world of deadlines, stresses and concerns. Students are here to share in their love of dance and to forget about their day jobs.

Senior Prom Reveals its Never too Late to Just Dance – Free Press of Jacksonville

It is a very positive experience and students finish the class on quite a high. While the odds of a late bloomer making it to a professional level are low, it does happen from time to time. Imagine if someone had told Misty Copeland that she was too old to start ballet class at 13? The world would have missed out on a trailblazing icon who serves as an inspiration to dancers around the world.

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  5. There are also a lot of dancers who take up the art form without hopes of making it big, but are still amazed at how dance transforms their lives. It's never too late to start. Don't think that just because you're in your teens, you can't start your training.

    It’s Never Too Late to Take Your First Dance Class!

    There are many professional dancers that started later in their young lives. Start with the basics. No matter what genre you're looking to practice, almost all of the fundamentals come from ballet and modern dance.

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    So whether you want to eventually try hip-hop or jazz , start with these two and you'll be more prepared. You have options. Living in New York City has many advantages for dancers.